Who are we ?

Our company

Wine City was created in 2018 by two wines enthusiasts, Franck Nogues and Philippe Bureau. The two partners, wholehearted entrepreneurs, began with a simple observation : the lack of a trustworthy digital platform for the purchase of exceptional wine.

Indeed, no company offered a digital solution to buy well preserved wines insuring excellent traceability. In order to further stand out as well as preserve and guarantee the quality of the wines proposed, Mr. Nogues and Mr. Bureau place special emphasis on :

  • Excellent traceability : The wines come directly from the castles or the place of Bordeaux
  • Optimum storage conditions : we use the best cellars in the world for the finest wines in the wolrd
  • One of a kind delivery : Fast, customized and assured
  • Rare vintages : A very wide range of Grands Crus
  • No charges levied during the transaction between individuals

You can contact us by email : contact@winecity.fr and by phone at 00 33 (0)5 56 34 75 44